Saturday, September 6, 2008

One Sentence Fight Predictions

No, this blog isn't switching over to a solely MMA sounding board. With a great line up of fights in the near future, it's just been top of mind...even though I actually have advertising work now. Funny how that works out.

UFC 88 is tonight and on a lazy Saturday I'm ready to make some picks.

For the sake of brevity I will only predict on the 4 fights that will make the broadcast and try my best to keep it to one sentence. They will air 5 fights, but with Karo "The Heat" out with a late back injury I have no idea what under-card fight will be bumped up. So without further ado...Cast ye eyes upon my opinions.

Martin Kampmann Vs. Nate Marquardt
In an effort to stop picking against the Dane, I believe his Muy Thai and serviceable ground game will frustrate Marquardt, ending in another close decision.

Dan Henderson Vs. Rousimar Palhares
Though I won't call this a slump buster for Hendo aka Powdered Toastman , he should be able to handle the BJJ expert Palhares.

Former PRIDE middle weight and light-heavy weight champion Dan "Hendo" Henderson

Dan's alter ego and Ren & Stimpy superhero Powdered Toast Man

Rich Franklin Vs. Matt Hamill

No one wants to see a deaf guy get knocked I will close my eyes in the third round when Franklin makes 205 an even more interesting weight class.

Chuck Lidell vs. Rashad Evans
Wesley Snipes once said "Always bet on black", well where is Wesley now? Chuck wins via TKO.

Actually going to watch the fight tonight at the Asheville Hooters. Horrible restaurant, but I'd watch the UFC in a cage of hungry racist tigers if it's free. Might have to get some nachos though, its been awhile since I've had to run stoplights in a race for the ole bathroom buzzer beater.

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