Thursday, September 18, 2008

Asheville...Yall Niggas Crazy pt. 1

Asheville is a unique place. Despite the fact that the black people don't come into town at night and everyone stares much longer than necessary, I'm making myself quite comfortable here.

Currently I'm holding down a jobs at Sensible City and Barley's Taproom (gotta try the Pumpkin Ale...tis the hoobanger). Some days are really long, but I work with awesome people on both sites and they are so different that it doesn't really feel like I'm leaving one job for the other all too often.

You may have noticed the "pt. 1" on the title, so yes that does mean I'm starting another series of posts and this one has nothing to do with sports. This series is designed to show some of the cooler aspects of Asheville, along with my unique brand of humor and poor grammar.

I live in Chicken Hill, a section of town where we claim to be the craziest and have the most sex with the opposite gender. About a five minutes walk down the street is the French Broad River and a railroad track. Haven't spent too much time at the river, but I did get a chance to go take some pictures at the free wall near the tracks. Which turned out to be a good idea, being they are making way for "sustainable village" of homes. Dinslo, a long time friend and stranger odor distributor, hipped me to the wall awhile back and told me there is always fresh graffiti up. Right now it seems that the contractors want to put an end to this wall having recently dumped a bunch of gravel and dirt next to the walls, making it near impossible for the fellas around town to show their skills at this venue. It's kind of like wildlife though, you can take over their habitat, but they all don't disappear , some simply move on. I look forward to seeing more around the city.

Here are some of the flicks from the wall...Hope you enjoy.

Love me some stencils. Not too many in Richmond, but I've found several in Asheville. Great work on Obama and Hilldog. Apathy is never a good idea, but neither is voting for the lesser of two evils right?

I've always preferred characters over words. I like the pumpkin more than the Stitch on the left...though you could probably figure this out by the angle of the shot.


I'm sure what I like more: the character or my ill placed shadow.

I was gonna write something witty about the Pringles guy, but then a housefly the size of a kaiser roll just flew in my room. Gonna have to break out the Roscoe to handle this one.

Tools of the trade I presume. Nice to know that Pabst is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. From the graffiti artist, to the gutter punks, to the people who just can't convince themselves to pay more than two dollars for a beer.

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