Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fantasy Island Week 4

When it rains it pours...

200 points is the magic number in the league of Greensville. Meaning if you can get to 2 hunnit, you are most likely going to win. After failing to crack the 180 mark the first 3 weeks the Wobblers came up aces with the highest score set in the league thus far. 260.80? I'm only used to seeing that number on the scale (back in my lardier days) or on my paycheck. That freakish score raised me from 8th to 5th place and 3rd in overall points.

In the other league it took a game winning field goal in overtime from Jeff Reed to get me the win, keeping me in 3rd place.

Fantasy Savior: I hate to snub Drew Brees yet again, but Laveranues Coles caught three touchdown passes without defeating my beloved Niners. However, the game is the game and I'm used to fantasy and reality allegiances colliding. Speaking of which; I wanted to put a hex on Brett Favre for almost costing me the win in Sam's league. 6 touchdown passes by an opposing player would normally call for me to break out the piano wire and get on the next train to New York to see what the core of Brett's Adam's apple looks like. Being that 3 of those TDs went to Coles, I'll keep the "Life Line" and Favre can keep his jugular another week...maybe.

Fantasy Shitbird:
Heath Miller didn't need to do much to help me win Monday night, but his 2 receptions for 8 yards effort would have spelled doom if not for Jeff Reed's leg. I've had the worst luck with tight ends this year, but if I can't rely on "Big Money" Miller, who else is out there.

Now I must get ready to take on the undefeated Bill's Corn Pads. McKenna's team named after his father's feet will pose a significant problem, but I've already taken down one giant this year. Speaking of which someone put out an A.P.B on Gheorge Mureshan.

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