Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fantasy Island Week 1.

Well, well, well...look who comes crawling back.

I'm a cheap whore for fantasy sports and my favorite "use other's success to your benefit" game got started this week. Fantasy Island will be my bulletin board for the ups and downs of my fantasy football season. The big games, the injuries, the beat downs I lay upon my opponents...all shall be documented most Tuesdays until the end of the regular season or until my team flames out and I can't twist the knife any further.

Week 1 Synopsis:
Two wins this week bringing my overall record to 2-0...not a bad start, perhaps the best start....I 've never been good at math. However, one week does not a fantasy season make.

The Cheeseburgurlars (Shaun) and Omega Nizzle Supreme (Dirty) felt the full force of my pent up rage that had been marinating since January. The odd thing is I'll be playing Shaun and Dirty again week 2 just in different leagues.

Week 1 Savior:
I would love to pick one guy but being they were both incredible week 1 I'll have to do a co-savior award this week. Drew Brees and Donovan McNabb each had 3 TDs with over 300 yards passing, both were the leading quarterbacks in the league and fortunately they are both on my team the Wounded Duck Wobblers. Now if McNabb can stay healthy for a whole year, I won't have to keep making fun of his mom...actually...

"You just sit right there baby while mama rustles her up some of that Chunky money"-Ms. McNabb

Week 1 A fool actor:
Todd Heap tight end of the Baltimore Ravens decided to catch one ball...for 5 yards. If that isn't bad enough ...that one reception was obviously too much for him to stomach...so he coughed up the ball after being hit for a fumble. The result: negative 1.70 points. Under normal circumstances I would have already mailed a cow's heart with a knife in it to the Heap residence, but I managed to still pull off the win, so I'll keep it in the fridge for the next time Heap decides to sabotage my team/dreams.

Okay...got that ball rolling...now its time for a mid day nap. Shalom.

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