Sunday, September 7, 2008

2 outta 4 aint bad.

If this were baseball I would be batting .500. However, this is MMA where anything can happen...and Saturday night it did.

I had a great time hanging out and meeting John (my new and incredibly informed MMA viewing partner) at Hooters watching the fight. It wasn't nearly as bad of an atmosphere as I had anticipated, except for the chain smoker with fingernails like yellow railroad spikes next to me, that guy looses...forever. Great night of fights and I went 50% on predictions (Hendo and Franklin). The highlight of the night by far was Rashad Evans tweaking his nipples before the fight started...and to a lesser extent when he chin checked Chuck Lidell. Lidell was the heavy favorite, but I could have sworn Rashad had killed the man with that punch. Seriously, I've seen my share of knockouts in boxing and MMA, but this was one for the ages...homeboy charged up Bad Dudes style and landed an overhand right as Chuck was going for a counter uppercut...but just too slow.

Rashad gets a title shot and Chuck enters a serious crossroads. I like Lidell and I've enjoyed seeing him hand out some nasty Memphis mouthwash to plenty of people. However, age may finally be catching up with the Iceman who had recently dominated the 205 division.

Want to see the fight in question? Check it...but if the Feds come a callin' you didn't get it from me.