Saturday, September 27, 2008

2008 Fantasy Baseball Yearbook

Well, Fart Huffers LLC had a good year but won't be repeating as champion and unless that time machine I ordered on the internet turns out to be worth the $19.99 we won't be finishing any better than 4th in baseball. Not a bad year though, we held down first place a couple times, but a slow economy, Fantasy Adam and lack of power numbers caught up with us in the second half.

To cap off this season I decided to put some good use to my time spent watching games on Stat Tracker and Yahoo Gamecast. There are a lot of funny looking people in the MLB , all of whom are far more successful in life and with ladies than I, but here is my cowardly rebuttal in the form of photos and captions.

Ramon Vazquez: Sporting a mustache only at 8 year-old girl could love.

Dioner Navarro: I'm convinced he simply moved the connector of his uni-brow to his chin. Nice save.

Houston Street: Calm down fella.

Jorge Posada: The Yahoo photographer must have fell for Jorge's infamous "pull my finger" gag before he snapped this one.

Masa Kobayashi: Masa got his team photo done at Glamor Shots and got a background of his choosing. Chain link fence...not bad, but I would have gone for the majestic waterfall.

Gabe Kapler: Voted "Whitest man in the MLB."

Jeff Baker: Skeletor called, he wants his heroin addiction back.

Adam Jones: Adam...ADAM!...Wake up or your mom isn't gonna buy the wallet size prints.

Miguel Cairo: Quick quiz: Derek is about to make a reference to which popular figure: A) Popeye. B) Mills Lane. C) Mick the trainer, from the movie Rocky or D) All of the above. See below for the answer.

Chad Bradford: You know this guy has started and ended his share of bar fights. "Fuggin A I touched your wife's ass! Keep those gums flapping and I'll be kicking yours!"

That about does it. Thanks to Shank Nelpin for helping me keep an eye out. See yah next season. Go Dodgers...unless the Brewers make the playoffs then thats my October team.

Oh yeah the answer is E) Billy Barty

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