Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fantasy Island: Week 2

Week 2 Synapsis:
The swift hand of Karma punch me square in the jimmy this week. First, after I exhaled in relief after I dodged the week 1 injury bug, Marcus Colston aka The Colston Creamery went down with a torn thumb ligament. So my third round pick will be out about a month, but the good news is that the injury wasn't to his legs, ankles or knees. The second blow came in the form of 2 losses to the same guys I blew out week one, leaving me at an even .500 at 2-2. The fantasy gods obviously frowned upon my new blog series, but I'm used to not being in their favor...so on we go.

Week 1 Saviour:

With 2 losses there really weren't too many bright spots, but my receiving corps in the "Gay for God" league is proving to flesh out rather well. Both Greg Jennings and Larry "Jerry Rice Jr" Fitzgerald tried their best to keep me afloat. Well done boys, but this week it was an uphill battle.

Week 2 A Fool Actor:

Get the blindfolds and smokes ready, cause I've got a lot of firing line fodder this week. Lets start in my league (Greensville). With Colston out I was hoping Patrick Crayton could of picked up some slack, but leave it to a Cowboy to let me down. 2 receptions for 28 yards? Should have listened to the experts and history as the Eagles usually lock this guy down pretty well. Of course when I sit him next time they meet, he'll catch rush and throw a touchdown while simultaneously tackling 9 people. In my other league, this week's death threat goes to the numba one stunna Ladainian "My toe hurts" Tomlinson. I remember leading my pee-wee football team without any toes...you know what I would have given for a jammed toe? Thats right, my lost childhood. 26 yards rushing and I really don't care how many yards receiving he attained, cause it wasn't enough to keep the Tiny Tigers at bay (Shaun's team and a hilarious name for any group of people). At least him and Kimbo just made me laugh out loud at 1am.

So on to week 3 where I face off against 4th and Schlong (Ashton) and Hurricane Ditka (Sam...and I hope you get that reference). Ashton is the bigger worry, but I got a little something waiting for him....retroactive point manipulation anyone?

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