Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dusty Carville

My friend Meghan recently noted that her hairless cat, Dusty (pause for immature giggles), looked like James Carville and expressed frustration for not having Photoshop. I needed no further invitation to take a crack at the idea...Cajun style.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Someone Take Photoshop Away From Me

I couldn't avoid the Michael Jackson media onslaught. My apologies in advance to the Jackson family, but my hand has been guided by forces beyond your comprehension.

Joe Jackson looks like Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and you know it!

Jokes Joe, jokes. I hope I look that good when I'm a zombie with chewing gum face.

Goofing Off With Shank Nelpin

You are welcome...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comic Review: Deadpool Vs. Thuinderbolts: Magnum Opus

Thanks to Shaun I'm putting my toes back in the waters of the comic world ever so gently. I decided to catch up by reading the comics I back in the day. Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, always puts a smile on my face. Humor isn't rare in comics, but Deadpool offers a unique vehicle for comedic writing. Spiderman is funny, but he is a hero. Deadpool is funny, but a merciless killer who next to impossible to kill (healing factor similar to Wolverine's). This tends to prevent any emotional concern for the character, but he brings a certain "Saturday Morning Cartoon" element to most storylines.

Magnum Opus Synopsis: So the Skrull invasion was thwarted by none other than Norman Osbourne (Formerly Green Goblin), but only with information stolen from DeadPool who in turn stole it from the Skrulls. This theft left DeadPool's street credit bruised and bank account empty. So with a genius plan (a direct assault on Osbourne's headquarters) DeadPool set out to get paid in one way or another. Enter the Thunderbolts, Osbourne's newest team of forgettable characters.


Storyline: In a word "decent". Any arch that involves DeadPool falling in love and courting someone trying to kill him (Black Widow 2) has some immediate appeal.

Art: Neither the DeadPool nor the Thunderbolts issues really blew me away, but the DeadPool guys (Medina, Gracia, Vlasco) had a style that was a bit more crisp.

Characters: Buy it for DeadPool, everyone else is pretty boring. Ghost, the intangible Thunderbolt, is a cool idea though.

Overall: (7/10) For a four issue $12 investment it's worth a read if you are a DeadPool fan. Otherwise you can find a better buy.