Saturday, August 11, 2007

Side Projects

No I haven't given up this blog already, just trying to make it through this summer in one piece while trying to find a job out-of-state. I have been keeping busy however, as Madden 08' comes out next week I know I will be trapped in my room for weeks, only to emerge for food, bathroom and actually football. Before I relapse back into my addiction, I will be opening up my own shop on, check out some of my first shirts I've been working on. If you remember Robocop, you should remember this robot, though he was too busy killing intruders to dream about ice cream in the movie. The second is another spin-off from my War Pig stencils...this time with some different colors. Let me know what you think.

I have also been helping my friend's record label gain awareness. What do I know about the music business? Nothing, but that won't stop me from foolishly charging into battle. We decided to make a podcast that not only exposes the public to the label, but also provides a range of music and humor. If you have ever heard one of my mix-tapes it sounds similar to those, but with Detrick and I talking during the breaks. Now we just need to get people to listen to the damn thing. Here you can download or stream our podcast. Laugh Tracks is only one episode now, but we are throwing down the second installment this weekend.

So there, I have blogged and I feel better, more important, and less lazy.