Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fantasy Island Week 3

Fantasy Proverb #131: Play match-ups, not yourself. Meaning don't over think the situation; trust your fantasy gut and show some cohones. I, a fool, did not follow this proverb and I came away with one win and one really close loss in week 3.

While trying to decide who to start at my wide receiver/tight end position (no gay jokes) I totally ignored Laveranues Coles on my bench due to that big "Q" next to his name indicating that he was questionable to play, and it's not like he had been a world beater the first two weeks either…but the decision not to start him, even though Ashton was starting his quarterback and I could nullify some of his stats, cost me the W. Also...who names their kid Laveranues?

Just when I thought Favre would blow it for Ashton and that Michael Turner had all but single handedly crushed my team in the other league, every thing got turned on its head. Favre had to go into shootout mode against the Chargers and Michael Turner turned (get it?) out not to be enough to keep Sam ahead in points. So three weeks in I'm 3-3. I know what I need though…I need to stop the bleeding in my league and a solid receiving option until Colston comes back. In the other league I need Derek Anderson to stop wilting before my eyes like a flower separated from the soil. Especially since my back up is Chad "Short Passes only" Pennington.

Fantasy Savior: From the depths of doom Ladanian Tomlinson came thundering back with a two touchdown effort that sealed the victory for me in Sam's league. Granted Sam has the worst injury bug ever loosing Tom Brady and Marques Colston on the same team, but that was a close one.

Fantasy A Fool Actor: Oh namesake why did I draft thee. You Derek Anderson, were a sexy pick a month ago, but now I just have to wait and see if you can turn things around. How I win with your 2 TDS and 5 INTS over the first 3 weeks I do not know, but the league is so shallow on waivers I have no other choice but to start you until they install Brady "Muscle Shark" Quinn Week 5.

Noticing that my fantasy team is doing very well, Derek Anderson audibles to throw yet another interception.

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