Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Greensville Weekly: Regular Season Finale

Well here we are. 14 weeks of moving, shaking, hoping, praying and damning comes down to this. 6 teams have locked up a playoff spot leaving just 3 teams to nab the final 2. It's like musical chairs, but instead of music there is just the faint hum of the computer and NFL Gamecast.

Week 14: Three Match-Ups that will decide the playoff field.
All 3 teams vying for the last 2 spots are facing teams who've already clinched, so we could very well see all three teams lose. However, I expect some surprises this final week. So once more with feeling!

Shaun Nelson only likes one black person.

Koko G vs. Cunt Returner
After 3 straight wins Koko has done the unthinkable and climbed up the ranks to the number 8 spot. He can stuff those wins up his balloon knot though cause he really needs a win this week as he faces the former number one team The Cunt Returner. This match-up is all about RB's. If LT and Kevin Smith can match or come close to matching Thomas Jones and Chris Johnson then I like Koko's chances. If not...then he will be relying on Favre's Fiasco to come up short...which he has been his trend recently.

Webster releases some steam after his recent losing streak

Favre vs. Buck Naked

Favre can win and still miss the playoffs. So all he can really do (along with winning) is hope for a loss by either Koko or Omega. If I were him I would be on a road trip to Minnesota in order to convince Adrian Peterson that you were sent from the future to warn him of an impending war of man vs. machine and life on earth can only be saved if he puts up 300 yards on the Lions. If that comes through then humanity and his season will be saved. I like Favre chances to win, but to make the playoffs is a different question.

Dirty is ready to shine this week.

Omega vs. 4th and Schlong
Whose the Mastah?!? Dirty may have been the only person in all of fantasy football who started D'Angelo Williams and lost last week. Omega could lose and still make the playoffs, or he could lose and Favre winning and keep him out. The bane of his existence is QBs still and that may be his downfall this week as he has to go against Brett Favre and Kurt Warner. His RBs could pull it out for him this week though so he should cross his fins and rub his lucky blow hole for good fortune.

I voted all three teams to win this week, resulting in Favre being left out of the playoffs. Which is really odd when you look at the names on his team, but unfortunately they are all names that under performed this season (looking at you Mr. Manning and Rothlesburger). So Good luck and may the best two men win for the right to lose to McKenna or Ashton week 15.

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