Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Greensville Weekly: Playoffs Round 1

That's right Mr. Mora...Playoffs. The most wonderful time of the year (if you make it). The time of the one and done. The last man standing eats the burrito. Both dreams and fears will be realized. Set your line-ups and hope for the best.

8 teams enter and 1 team will be declared Mayor of Greensville.

First thanks to the Bros. Nelson who just missed the playoffs by a few games. Hopefully Shaun will write a guest column about the biggest fantasy lames of 2008. Beware Carson Palmer and Antonio Gates...because the Ghost of Koko G seeks revenge.

Let's break down these match ups

(1) Bill's Corn Pads 11-3 vs (8) Favre's Fiasco 5-9
The ball bounced in Favre's direction last week, as he pulled up from his nosedive in time to make the playoffs. Now let's see if he can pull off the upset with a first round win. With Manning and Dallas Clark at Detroit he has the weapons to make it happen. Note to McKenna: Trade Dirty for an RB...he needs a QB.

(2) 4th and Schlong 9-5 vs (7) Omega Nizzle Supreme 6-8
Rematch of week 14, where Omega stole a victory Monday night thanks to DeAngelo Williams. Pay close attention to the Denver v Carolina and Tennessee v Houston games as there is where you'll find the meat of the match up. Will Brandon Marshall or Eddie Royal be the big receiver for Denver. Will Lendale White be able to carve up Houston the way DeAngelo Williams will decimate the porous Denver defense; or will Steve Slaton some how put up the 23 points Yahoo is projecting.

(3) The Cunt Returner 9-5 vs (6) Buck Naked Ballers 7-7
Flip a coin. This should be one of closest games this round with both teams being just about equal this week. The rookie of the year, Cunt Returner, is relying on Flacco as much as Buck Naked will be relying on Le'Ron McClain in a game the Ravens need. However, Pittsburgh's defense is uncanny and if Flacco can keep the turnovers to a minimum he has the edge. Buck Naked has the WR advantage with both Boldin and Fitzgerald at Minnesota in a game where the Cardinals will actually be forced to be pass happy.

(4) Wounded Duck Wobblers 8-6 vs (5) Asian Ballz 7-7
I said it before and I'll say it again...beware a Cambodian in the playoffs. Why do I feel like Steve Breaston is about to make me cry on Sunday? Unless my entire team craps out Monday's game between the Eagles and Browns will be the deciding factor. How will the Eagles attack the Browns? If they decided to stick with the ground game through Westbrook, this Duck is cooked. If McNabb throws TDs to his WRs I might be able to pull this one out.

Predicted Winners:
- Bill will prove why he has been on top Mount Drownugs almost every week and pull off a close victory.

- 4th and Schlong's Stratler and Waldorf combo...errrr... Favre and Warner (get it their old!) serve up a cold dish of revenge making Dirty hate the 2 QB system even more.

- Buck Naked takes this close one via Boldin and Fitzgerald and Joe Flacco's 180 yd 3 INT performance. How's that for a prediction?

- If I thought I would lose in the first round of the playoffs I wouldn't have even written a post half this long. Not sure how the Wobblers are gonna do it, but hey..."You Gotta Believe"

Didn't get that Stratler and Waldorf reference...well here yah go:

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