Thursday, December 18, 2008

Greensville Weekly: Sad Boosh Edition

DOWN GO THE WOBBLERS! DOWN GO THE WOBBLERS! As did Favre, Omega and Buck Naked. Personally I blame my inability to start a TE worth a shyte any given week. Had I started Zach Miller...this would be a completely different post. So there will be a new mayor of Greensville this year, it's just gonna take two more rounds to figure out who.

On must go the Weekly report matter how much it hurts.

Round 2...FIGHT!

(1) Bill vs (5)Asian Balls:
Both teams went above the 200 mark last week and it seems that's what it's gonna take to win. This is going to be determined by WRs and D. If Bess and Breaston can out perform Bowe and Mason I like Asian Balls' chances. However, Matt's notorious hatred for Asians will probably result in several inexplicable points. Overall I give it to Dave to pull off the upset.

(2) 4th and Schlong vs (3) The Cunt Returner:
Here we go again. The battle of the kissing cousins. More appropriately you can refer to this as the Waiver Wire bowl. 4th is going with the he-man woman hater Larry Johnson as a RB2 and Cunt is taking a chance on Tavaris Jackson. I would give this one to Ashton just for not being the one starting Tavaris (he was benched for a reason). Though Favre hasn't exactly been a world beater over the last 3 weeks. Should be a close game as both teams are facing difficult defenses. At the end of the day you gotta like Ashton to go next round robin and face Asian Ballz in the Greensville Championship match.

Yeah there are two more games this week...but let's face it. This is just Yahoo giving us a reason to keep tracking our fantasy teams in hopes we see a Toyota Tundra or Old Spice commercial.

In closing...BOOSH!

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