Saturday, December 27, 2008

Greensville Weekly: The Championship Edition

I'm taking a break from my christmas goodies fueled diabetic coma to breakdown the championship game in Greensville. Just think...a week from now I'm going to need to find addition blog fodder.


(1) Bill's Corn Pads vs. (3) The Cunt Returner
Greensville has seen it's share of beginner luck, but I don't foresee a Cunt being returned to the green room. One thing that you should keep an eye on is that Bill is starting Darren Sproles over the likes of Sammy Morris this week. That little tweak is going to make this game a bit more interesting. If Philip Rivers doesn't save his bacon again this week, it's gonna be a silver and not the gold for the default rookie of the year. I think Bill takes home Greensville gold this year in a hard fought championship game.

I somehow weaseled my way back into the finals of Sam's league. If I manage to win that league back to back I might need to sit down and reorganize my priorities. There is a lot of luck in fantasy football, but there is a ton more nerdery. To quote Jim Rome "Playing fantasy football isn't a problem, but winning means you are a loser". Yes...a loser with another gold trophy in his Yahoo! case. BOOOOSH!