Saturday, November 8, 2008

Under My Skin

I'm offended alright. As a man with 27 years of Negro experience I'm offended by being told I should feel offended by Fox News. Nader's point is clear...Is Obama going to sell-out in favor of corporations and the military industrial complex (like the hated Bush) or is he going to actually champion those who find so much faith in him. After all there was a lot of big money invested in Obama (Lehman Bros. Goldman Sacks and Citigroup to name a few). Time will show his true colors, but history is not in homeboy's favor (I didn't hear the people calling for that bail out know who was?). You know what every black person is going to call Obama if they don't see their quality of life improving? An Uncle Tom. What else should I call the first African American president if he choses policies that further the burden his people, while I watch him work happily with many of the corporations and institutions responsible for said burden.

"He didn't have to face it (Obama's authenticity) until it came out of your mouth". - Fox's fake outrage distributor

Really? Well then thank God it came out of someone's mouth. As a nation of people who don't test their leader's mettle until it's too late; what better time to start holding our leaders to the fire than now? Obama's got the "juice" what is he going to do with said beverage?

Leave it to mainstream media to focus on the shock phrase "Uncle Tom". He didn't even call Obama an Uncle Tom. Nader simply made the line distinct and unforgiving. Identifying two clear paths for the president elect. Ralph is going to take heat for the comment, because people will think: "Where does a white guy get off questioning a black man's authenticity"? Not aware of his Lebanese heritage. Nader's life has been dedicated to protecting the same people who put Obama in office. He has every right to ask the question, and if he hadn't said the words "Uncle Tom" the issue continues to be buried under the celebration of the nation's first minority president. Don't allow your happiness to blind you to the fact that Obama is at the end of the day a politician. His job is to represent and serve the people. If that were happening there wouldn't be such clamor for a messiah like president promoting change.

Note: Nothing like some info broad from a suspect "news outlet" declaring your career over. Though I'm glad there was enough psuedo anger to go around.

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Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

It's certainly weird to see so-called conservatives attacking a so-called liberal for not being "politically correct" enough.

Of course, as a corporate news show, they certainly can't address Nader's actual point, which is valid, no matter how ineloquent.