Saturday, November 1, 2008

Greensville Weekly: Week 7

So what did we learn from week 8?

We learned that to beat Bill's Corn Pads you gotta put up 200 points or hope Mckenna passes out after a wake and bake and forgets to set his players.

We learned that there is still plenty of fight left in the Big Fish. Even after taking my horrible advice to start Ryan Fitzpatrick over Joe Flacco, he was able to pull off the victory. Who knew Flacco would also catch a TD, but I can't figure out the Ravens this season so more power to the purple bird thunder beaks. Also doesn't hurt when 3 of your opponents best players get stymied, producing under 10 points.

We learned that in this here Greensville, you better make sure your D is straight. Buck Naked lost to The Cunt Returner by one and half point. Buck Naked also neglected to start a full roster on his defense. 2 tackles would have gotten him the win.

We learned that Omega Nizzle is a gentleman. I can appreciate one shorting his roster being your opponent is down a player, but there is no room in Greensville for fantasy chivalry. You must crush your enemies. See them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women.

Week 9 Match Ups to Watch:

Cunt Returner vs. Bill's Resin Balls: The first thing you notice is Bill has to start two QB's who aren't Romo and Delhomme. He will be going with the serviceable Cassel and the last man standing in KC, Tyler Thigpen. Both men have horrible match ups against pretty stout defenses. This is the week where the king of the hill might succumb to the wrath of the fantasy gods...but can the Cunt Returner generate enough points without Phillip Rivers to overcome? We shall see.

Omega Dolphin Supreme vs. Favre's Fiasco: Webster needs this one bad, but its not like Omega can afford too many losses at this point. My prediction is that Webster pulls this one out to stay in the playoff hunt. Dirty has a ton of talent on both fronts, but his offense has some unsavory match ups this week. Gerald Jennings at Tennessee, Mantana Soss (hamstring injury) against Pittsburgh and Marion Barber at the South Jersey Tyrees. Great roster on WR and RB, but those shaky QBs are gonna have to show up big time to grab that "W" for Nizzle.

eek eek baby. Not aerodynamic in the least bit, but he gets his tuna.

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