Friday, November 14, 2008

Greensville Weekly: The Upset Special!


Whoooooooaaa Doctah! It has happened, the first playoff spots have been claimed.

The Cunt Returner: 8-2
1st place, yet 5th in points.  Suspect, but as long has his team stays hot he should finish out on top.

4th & Schlong:  7-3
I hate Kurt Warner.

Wounded Duck Wobblers:  7-3
Though I still regret not taking Wes Welker from the Cunt Returner, I'm more concerned by the fact that I just had to pick up the hated Juilus Jones being E. Graham and S Jax are breakinGdown just in time for the playoffs.  I hate it when Dave is right.

Bill's Corn Pads:  7-3
With bye weeks out of the way, ole Wild Bill should run up the score faster than Carlton on PCP.

Week 11:  The Week of the Upset

Favre over The Cunt Returner: 
At the end of the day I like Favre's matchups much better than The Returner's.  QBS Manning and Ryan should prove to be deadly against the 1st place Cunts.

Omega Nizzle over Yours Truly:  
If my QB's don't show up Dirty can easily take me out this week.  Santana Moss and Brandon Marshall should be 20 points a piece easy.

Big Fish over Buck Naked:
If for some reason Seattle can stop the Arizona's pass attack (big if) then the playing field is in favor of the Mekong Delta Catfish.  You gotta believe.  

With the ranks 5-10 all being within a game of each other, there should still be some suprises to come down.  4 spots left should be an interesting home stretch.

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