Saturday, November 8, 2008

Greensville Weekly: Week 8

I got knocked out this week. But at least it took till week 8 to finally lose twice in one week. Overall record now 12-6.

The Cunt Returner busted me down a peg to the #3 position by defeating the juggernaut of the league. Another big win came from Favre's Freakshow who stays locked in the playoffs with a win over Big Fish. Some minor rank switches, but other than that, a low scoring ho-hum week in Greensville.

We have 5 more weeks before the playoffs start, let's take a gander at the 7-8-9 spots which are all on shaky ground. I would discuss the number 10 spot but it looks like you can stick a fork in P for the season unless something crazy goes down.

7. Omega Nizzle Supreme: 3-6
Made a good trade when he got Greg Jennings for Matt Forte, but neither player has been themselves since the trade. Omega's only match-up against a lower rank team comes in week 12 when he plays Big Fish, which should be a game to watch if Big Fish can stay a game back. I know he is trying to move one of his backs for help at QB, TE or D which is wise move. However if he is offering others the junk he's been sending my way (See Leon Bennet and Henry Lewis for Drew Brees proposal), I don't see the move being made. The key word here is "survival". Can Dirty survive 5 more weeks and get into the playoffs? I think so, but he does play me before then so I'm not really going to be upset if he drops a game or two.

8. Favre's Fiasco: 3-6
Put up less that 180 and still got the win last week. I don't envy the rest of his schedule though as he has to play the top 2 teams in the last 5 weeks. His team reminds me of the Indianapolis Colts this season. All the name power is there, but the production isn't. Most of his fate relies on the teams that surround him. If he can win 3 out of 5 he should be set. Also look out Week 14 when he plays Big Fish. We can call it the Loser Bowl, being who ever wins that week could very likely be losing to Bill's Corn Pads or the Cunt Returner the week after.

9. Big Fish: 2-7
Shaun doesn't really control his destiny at this point, but this is fantasy football so no one does. Starting McGahee last week hurt and LT and Antonio Gates on a bye didn't help either. With that being said I like what he is working with. With the exception of Gus Ferret, he lacks any significant holes. Out of the three he has the most favorable schedule left, but he is going to have to take 4 out of 5 unless Omega or Favre collapse completely. It's gonna take some luck , but its not impossible.

Finally this is the week we get to see if Ashton can escape from the curse of Webster. Nothing like having a fantasy nemesis. I like hating Shaun in real life, so I just transfer that over the world of nerd sports.

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