Saturday, November 22, 2008

Greensville Weekly: Early Playoff Edition

Probably the most awkward photoshop job I've ever done.

Last week's upset special did not disappoint. Shaun, Dirty and Web all won their games Which is bitter sweet being I had to play Dirty, who benefited from 3 of my players contributing less than a point. That takes effort.

With teams 7,8,9 winning no one else clinched a playoff spot leaving 4 vacancies. 3 weeks to sort it out, so we'll see what goes down.

Shyte to Watch This Week

Wobblers vs. 4th and Schlong:
The rivalry continues. Without Earnest Graham or Steven Jackson I have to start Warrick Dunn. Who along with Antonio Bryant should piss off Ashton (Buccaneers fan) all day long as his favorite reality team wins, but his fantasy team loses. 2nd round Playoff preview perhaps.

The Ghost of Koko G vs. Omega Nizzle:
Shaun vs. Dirty for a potential playoff spot. This is on the real for real. Dirty needs a win to survive and Shaun needs the win to stay in the hunt. Weeks ago Dirty traded top receivers Jennings and M. Harrison for the outspoken duo of Joey Eugene Porter and Chad Johnson. After acquiring Chad Johnson, Dirty forgot to check to see if he is actually going to play...which he didn't. So Shaun goes from an 11 point underdog to a player up. I look for the smooth grooves of Harrison and Jennings to haunt Dirty into a tighter spot this week.

Upset Special: Balls over Buck Naked. Talk about your long shots. Balls has just one win on the year, which is probably his last year in Greensville. However, he did finally take Schaub out of his line-up and the easy wins are now officially over. I don't think Buck's WRs Fitzgerald and Boldin are going to continue their massacre of opposing secondaries this week against the Giants and unless Jason Campbell takes advantage of one of the worst pass defenses in the league, this could make the playoff picture even more muddled than it is currently.

Goodnight Mr. Graham, thanks for a very productive season. See you next year's draft.

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