Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Truth is that you've always had "The Juice"

The holy grail for all comedy is to be relevant. Comedians and humorist are not exempt from creating insights and touching their audience on deeper and deeper levels.

George Carlin or Bill Hicks weren't the funniest people to ever take a stage, but they made the best of the time they were given on the soapbox. The old equation of Comedy = Tragedy + Time, means that you have to realize the power of shifting an audience's moods and focus. Both Carlin and Hicks were masters of taking complicated matters like war, politics and religion and breaking them down to a level that makes you think "Of course, why hadn't I noticed that". Their genius is based in the fact that they made you laugh at a collective ignorance or something you might be aware of, but had never been able to pin in down in your head.

My friend Dave and I (both graduates of an advertising program) recently decided to create and try to pitch an idea for a television show based on an advertising agency. Neither of us has the money or resources to really get this idea off the ground, but I've come to the realization that money is a poor excuse not to give something a go. After all we both have stable families and degrees to fall back on if we don't succeed. My wish is to not make a show based solely on a cast of dynamic characters coming together to make funny ads, but rather highlight advertising's effects on society using humor.

Advertising is an attempt to sway your choices one way or the other. The science of persuasion meets the art of production. While watching Zeitgeist today (at work)...it finishes with a fantastic Bill Hicks bit/spoken word piece. It deals with the idea that all your life boils down to is choice. You have to be very careful when someone or something tries to influence you...especially when there is money to be made or fear can be created. At the end of the day you are left with consequences of the choices you make...and those choices are the biggest factor on how you will experience this ride.

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Anonymous said...

good luck w/the show... as for the money issue, how about the first paragraph of the history section http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_Always_Sunny_in_Philadelphia

and i think those 'we need girlfriends' douche buckets got a deal based on those myspace shorts...