Saturday, August 30, 2008

Welcome Back

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I understand no one cares about my dorkyness other than me so I'll keep this short.

YES! Just as I'm trying to jump back into the world of comics, Marvel brings back one of my favorite characters. In short, Deadpool is a character in the Marvel Universe who could have been used merely as comic relief, but has taken on some large roles in various story lines. Known as the one who can break the "fourth wall". This is explained by writer Daniel Way "He is one of the few characters who knows he is in a comic and acts accordingly". Similar to Wolverine he also survived the Weapon X program and shares Wolverine's healing abilities. This is compounded by the fact that before gene treatment he was diagnosed with terminal cancer which is at constant war with his body, though the consequence of this battle is that his cells make him impervious to psychological attack, yet have grossly disfigured his appearance.

Why I love this guy:
Deadpool/The Merc with a Mouth/Dead Man Wade is a character designed to move story lines. When he is present someone has ordered a hit and he has been brought on board to make sure the plan succeeds.
  • The mercenary has officially died 3 times (once in a parody of Superman's death, being brought back in four different versions of himself. See Funeral for a Freak...or the movie Steel featuring Shaq O'Neal...."Kobe how does my failed movie career taste?" ).
  • One of my other favorite characters Thanos, tried to kill him after he found out that Death herself was infatuated with him.
  • His latest return coincides with the new umbrella story line that involves the entire Marvel Universe "The Secret Invasion" in which an alien race, The Skrulls, have been killing/abducting superheros and replacing them with shape shifters. This may be the first time Deadpool is used as the traditional hero...though I doubt it will come to pass as such.
  • Though I'm not a big Ryan Reynolds fan, he will be playing Deadpool in the upcoming Wolverine spin-off movie.

Thats all the comic book talk I can put out right now and I'm sure you stopped reading when you realized this post was indeed about a comic book character in which you have no interest. Though take this to I'm a happier man/dork.

'DeadpoolSee More Deadpool Vol. 3 Various at

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