Wednesday, August 27, 2008


AP resources reports that long time friend and fashion coordinator, Joy Castro, will be having pasta salad for lunch on August 27th. "It was either pasta or a veggie chicken patty" remarked Joy when asked about her dining options. "A girl is faced with plenty of decisions during the day, none more important than will I or will I not consume pasta".

Ms. Castro has been under a lot of pressure from pro veggie chicken patty supporters to give the snack more face time. Protester Cindy McChickface stated her concern: "She's forgotten about us through no fault of our own". She went on to say. "Now that she is engaged to that guy who is going to lose to Derek in week 3 of fantasy football, she has no time for us now."

The barrier between pasta and vegetarian meat substitutes continues to grow and it is speculated that if nothing is done soon by the year 2010 there will be a lunch time war between the factions. When asked for a comment on the growing tension between the food groups, Joy replied: "Panty!".

Ms. Castro is pictured here leaving a pasta salad fund raiser in 2007.

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