Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Greensville Weekly (formerly Fantasy Island)

-And BOOM goes the dynamite!-

So I decided to end the Fantasy Island idea. Just didn't really keep my attention the way I thought it might. So instead I'll move my fantasy interest into a "weekly whats up post" about the Greensville fantasy league.

As I predicted Shaun "Big Fish" Nelson's attempt to run the table in reverse (lose all his games) fell short this week, as he lacked the talent and perseverance to go all the way and lose again this week. Had Gus Frerotte shown some focus and managed to throw 8 interceptions instead of 4 Shaun would still be on the road to Greensville fame. Now he is just some chump at the bottom of the list.

In the battle of the kissing cousins 4th & Schlong snatched a victory from The Cunt Returner in a close game decided on Monday night. Sammy Morris turned out to be Ashton's saving grace this week after the Farve and Cotchery connection yielded about 9 points. Always scary when a single defensive player puts up more points than a QB and WR combined.

Dave "Asian Ballz" kept his streak alive by defeating the Buck Naked Ballers in a blowout. Though one wonders what will become of the Orientals when young master Mewelde Moore is back on the bench.

The trade of Greg Jennings for Matt Forte didn't do much for Omega Nizzle this week. Big Bill from Awesomeville hung 215 points on Dirty this week. Romo...Brady?...who needs em when you have Matt Cassel throwing 3 TDs. Also who really needs to start a full roster? Not Dirty obviously.

Oh yeah, please do holler at your boy who went to 4 straight wins on the back of Steven Jackson's 3 TD performance. Which I needed being Brees and Colston hooked up for just around 0 connections. That combo is taking much too long to develop for my patience.

Key Matchups Week 8:
4th and Balls vs. Bill's Corn Pads: The former and the current number one going head to head this week. I think 4th has this one. After all I need Bill knocked down a peg to put me at number 1.

Omega vs. Balls and Big Fish vs. Favre's Freakshow: The bottom 4 teams are trying to get into or stay in position to make the 8 team playoffs . Just so happens they are all playing each other this week. So let's see who can manage to suck the least. One more loss and Balls is pretty much out of the playoffs. Omega needs a win to stay alive as well and has a squad able to put down P for the season. I'm hoping Shaun comes storming back into the playoff picture, but that most likely won't happen if he picks up the "L" this week.

So some pretty important nerdery going down this weekend. Did I mention the winner gets a Zong autographed by Kris Burton?


Matt said...

pretty much it's going down like this. anyone of us can still win this mother but for the past three years i've been yesterdays mashed cauliflower and sauerkraut pudding and now i think as your father james brown said, it's time for the big payback!

Matt said...

BAAAAALLING!!!! josh wilson is in this houuuse yeah!

Derek said...

Man eff some Josh Wilson. I hate how good your team is this year.