Monday, June 30, 2008

The Salty Balti, New Yak city

Get em' O's...
Taking a break from prepping the old portfolio to write for a spell.

Hanging out with my sister Kim and her cat C-Lotus in Baltimore (calling the cat Clotus will not be tolerated by either party). Wimbledon was on earlier. Serena Williams used her mammoth glutes to big girl Bethanie Mattek off the court.

Then Full House came on, and Kim told me that the actress that played Stephanie got hooked on the meth (true) and DJ is all up on Jesus now (true). Uncle Jessie plays on some run-of-the-mill hospital show (debatable), Bob Saget refuses to use humor during his stand up routines (guitars are no substitute for the funny) and Dave Collier cut it out ( is fully intact).

About to go eat lunch and go print out my portfolio for an interview tomorrow in NY. There I will sleep on Frank's couch and in the morning I will hunt C.H.U.Ds in the sewer until it is time for my interview. I will present the first person I meet at the agency with the head of a C.H.U.D as a sign of peace. If I find an alligator in the sewer I will name it CrocCab and charge people large pieces of fish for rides.

That's about all the nonsense I can muster...until next time.

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