Thursday, June 19, 2008

Party's over

"One love, one life, one too many victims. Republicrat, Democran, one party system" -Sage Fracis

I think I'm finally prepared to declare myself an independent. You could confuse me for a liberal I guess, but cheering for the Democrats seems an awful lot like being a Chicago Cubs fan. Half the fun is in the misery.

This series of clips probably did more to provoke my decision than anything else. Have you watched political television or listened to talk radio recently? It really isn't too far from this. Both sides yelling and swearing that all of the nation's problems are on the other guy's team. Ralph Nader caught a lot of guff in 2000 for saying that there wasn't a dime worth of difference between the two major parties. Granted, those distributing the guff were also trying to promote one of the two favored candidates.

As a new card carrying independent (I keep it in my wallet in between my NRA membership and my Pizza Delivery Drivers Union card) I don't really feel like casting a vote for either of these two parties. I've only voted for a major party once. That was in '04 under the belief of voting for the lesser of two jokers. The bigger joker won. Now faced with two brand new jokers I don't understand how people can invest so much, time, energy, money and heart into either of the parties. They want your vote, they want your money, they want your help as a vessel for their message and careers. Personally, I really don't see what there is to be gained by declaring yourself a conservative or a liberal. At best. it's a convenient label that reduces the time it takes for me to judge you. At worst, you are making it easier for people to manipulate your feelings and actions.

Every once in awhile I tune in to staunch the screaming, old school conservative Micheal Savage. Say what you want to about this guy, but he is brutally genuine. I rarely agree with him, but I was fortunate enough to turn on the radio in time to hear grandpa regale the nation with this story. In this tale he positions himself as a the frog and the Republican party as the scorpion. The idea is pretty much the party has used him in the past to boost their numbers and agenda. What makes this metaphor so powerful is that it fits for many people and many parties around the world. Enjoy:

A frog on his way to the creek came upon a scorpion waiting at the shore. The scorpion cried out “Frog, I cannot swim, but if you let me ride you across the street not only would you be saving my life but I promise not to sting you”. After a short discussion the frog was convinced that he should do a good deed and help the scorpion across the water. After a few moments the two were safely across the creek. As the frog made it to land the scorpion quickly stung the frog. “Scorpion…” said the Frog “Why did you lie, why did you sting me after I carried you across the creek. The scorpion replied, “Because I’m a scorpion and I can.”

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