Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Why I love Lil' Wayne

Sam: You need to get back on your blog game son.
Me: The podcast or the blog?
Sam: The blog?
Sam: Here's your first topic...
Sam: Why I love Lil' Wayne.

Though they may not be easy to conjure there are several good reasons to love Lil' Wayne. I would like to share one of my favorites.

Invention of the phrase "Bling Bling":

It is rumored that in early 1998 during a Cash Money Records field trip to the Audubon Zoo, Lil' Wayne accidentally dropped a small satchel containing all his talent in the panda exhibit. His life partner, Birdman, lowered down Wayne on a rope made of chains and medallions in order to fetch the parcel. However a nearby Panda noticed Wayne and quickly snatched the sack away. Infuriated, Lil' Wayne attempted to choke the panda with the luxury rope. The panda quickly countered and Lil Wayne was quickly escorted out of the Zoo by authorities. While being dragged away from the exhibit, Wayne pointed at the panda, who was still entangled in the many gold and platinum chains, and asked the security guard what was the bear's name. The guard sternly replied: "That's Bling Bling".

The rest my friends...is history.

waka waka!


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Mario said...

That's some really funny shit. You gotta admit the man is crazy but he's music is some of the best around right now (IMO)

I'm a big fan of Wayne and always have been, I started blogging about him over at http://www.newlilwayne.com

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