Thursday, October 18, 2007


Back at it.

"Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement" - C.S. Lewis

You may want to refer back to my previous post entitled "Things I want to steal from people's yards pt. 3". There I state "Also in regards to Dinosaur Kingdom let me assure you that this isn't over...I'll get there come hell or high water." Oh hell came, bringing with it a rising tide of boiling hot dog seemed bleak, but Dave and I finally got a piece of the pie. I'm not a superstitious man, but something went horribly wrong this summer. Evidence: I'm still in Richmond. On my way to Dino Kingdom the first time I though I was on my way out. It was to be one last adventure to cap off my first 25 years in Virginia. The octopus-like tentacles of Richmond had other plans for me though, as I ended up embarking on a arduous and frustrating journey in the country for the rest of the summer. Super natural forces were obviously at play. I realized that maybe it was our failure to find Dino Kingdom that bought us a triceratop sized curse. The following is an account of are attempt to break the curse. In order to reverse fate and save our future Dave and I had to....ESCAPE FROM DINOSAUR KINGDOM!!! (Sound the war drums, battle trumpets and skirmish spoons).

Foamhenge: A full size replica of Stonehenge constructed of foam. If you are ever driving on Interstate 81 and you get to exit 180A S. Lee HWY you need to get off and go visit this. This is another Mark Cline creation along with Dino Kingdom. Notice that the stuctures are exactly three Cambodians tall, but what does this all mean?

Feedin' Time: Though known for its razor sharp claws, dagger teeth and hilariously useless arms; the T-Rex could also run a mean trap line.

Apebraham Lincoln: You may have everything below the Mason-Dixon line, but I have your pants.

I'll post more pics as soon as Blogger gets their stuff together and stops sending me error message.

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