Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break '99!!!!!!

Did I get down to Atlanta?


Did I get to be a shady roadie/merch guy for Monarch?


Did I have a damn fine spring break?

Can't Complain.

Here are some high points:

1. NCAA Tournament: After the first day the bracket has a scratch or two, but in good position. Though it doesn't really matter anymore being VCU punched Duke directly in the scrotum.

2. The Power of Moonpie Compels You!

Check out the TV spot.

3. Tiger Woods on the Wii: Wow, the results of my wretched golf swing transfers over perfectly. Thanks Nintendo. Good game though.

4. I've been seeing less and less American and Confederate Flags in this so-called "Capital of the South" Some bad ass wolf dolls wouldn't hurt either.

Someone has gotta pick up the slack.

5. Good ol' fashioned nightmare fuel:

"I know all your secrets."


Anonymous said...

love the wii comment. it's a pretty innovative system though, i'm glad it's a big hit. but they do need games that are a little less physically intensive so you have something to do when you come home drunk but don't want to sleep. maybe like fishing or something? you could just kind of let the controller sit there or something....

matthew said...

Nah fuck that! Save Jesus!