Friday, March 2, 2007

"I promise you there's room for more than one book on your shelf"

The photo with the sign was taken at Schafer Court on the VCU campus.

Why is it fashionable to take potshots at religion? Because, as long as religious people feel inclined to putting themselves on pedestals, we feel inclined to knock them off. Allow me to reconstruct this poster before they put it through the passive-aggression filter: "Our higher power, whom in which you must have not invested your faith, considers your acts deplorable. Good news however, he is willing to forget this incident...for a price." What we have a failure to communicate, but nice touch with the rainbow heart. The target audience most likely understands the bible's view on homosexuals, so you are already in a hole. That hole didn't get any shallower when this guy offers to convert homosexuals to his side. If you can't beat em' join em' I guess. I understand you want to spread your religion and in some twisted way you feel that your going to "save" someone, but please choose your battles. My approach to homosexuality is a mix of apathy and isolation. I don't have many gay friends, but I also don't care what they do as long as I can go about my business. Personally I try not to disrespect any religion, because for all the negatives that come out there are just as many positives. If Jesus played baseball, I imagine he would be hitting more than .500 though, so there is room for improvement. It just disturbs me to the point of anger when I see short-sighted bullshit like this. Time to grow up kids, they are here to stay. Maybe it's best if you take your ball and go home?

In unrelated news, I've become fairly smitten with Yahoo Answers...I decided to ask a question that has been plaguing mankind for centuries. Here are the results:;_ylt=AqExqpxxEx8PaFWNq1qQVNkjzKIX?qid=20070302064941AAkmxOD

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matthew said...

Most of Asheville is pretty much secular progressives. But there is a lingering southern family network on the outskirts that is still stupid. They create bumper stickers that demonstrate this fact. You may remember the ones that say "We Still Pray", which begat the popular spoof that says "We Still Read". But today, my friend, I saw one that truly moved me. It read: "We Still Gay". I saw this walking home from the Mela lunch buffet with Emily. On the way home I bought some Papua New Guinea coffee beans from the local roaster and got my free latté, then walked home with the sun at my back. I felt like a free man.