Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowba Ranks or How I Learned to Stop Listening to the Voice of Reason.

Friday night after realizing I wasn't going to see Avatar due to the impending blizzard, I decided to man up (which is often synonymous with dumbing up) and drove through a blizzard 60 miles south to Centreville, VA. Why? Because there is a Korean BBQ joint that I've been dieing to eat at for weeks, but more importantly I wasn't going to let the snow win this time. The last two times it has snowed I've been trapped in my apartment...not this time. I shook my fist at the heavens and was rewarded with a great weekend of braving the elements, breaking doors, eating junk food and wet socks.

Before the second act of Snowpocalypse keeps me inside my apartment to watch movies and play video games until my television taps out, allow me to recap the weekend that was.

I'm not sure how this song became my anthem over the weekend, but it just seemed to fit.

Normal driving time to Centreville from Baltimore is around 1.5 hours. The driving time when a moron decides to put his Honda Civic on 95 south during the most powerful blizzard in over 80 years is roughly around 3 hours. I've done a lot of stupid things in my life, but never anything this dangerously ignorant.

Number of vehicles I witnessed spin out: 6, including a bus right in front of me. All those hours of Mario Kart Wii paid off as I maneuvered my way around them. I should thank the Wu-Tang Clan for providing the head nodding soundtrack that pumped me up allowing me to continue this foolish journey.

Yeah this is horribly wrong, but you know how much I hate smoking.

Number of times I got stuck: 2. Once when I got back to Baltimore and once when Dave tried to carve his initials in the snow of a parking lot.

Number of vegetables/fruits eaten: I think I had a banana and I ate some grapes at the grocery store. I also made a sandwich out of waffle fries and biscuits at a Korean owned restaurant named BBQ Chicken and Beer.
Number of Sour Patch Kids eaten: Some would consider it genocide.

Movies watched

Zombieland: A good rival to Shaun of the Dead, but not as good as everyone made it out to be. Michael Cera must not have been available to play the lead role.

2012: Visually entertaining, but any movie featuring John Cusack successfully avoiding death for 3 hours is maddening.

Mean Girls: I will marry Tina Fey or die trying.

The second round of snow hasn't come crashing down yet, but I've got a Netflix account and a crippling addiction to Madden that says I'll be just fine the next few days. I did learn that if you get tired of something, you should take it upon yourself to change the situation. Will I drive through a blizzard so as to avoid being trapped inside for 3 days again? Maybe, depends on how stupid I'm feeling.


Meghan said...

you should *also* try the Korean bathhouse in Centreville. It's fabulous. Annandale/Centreville has the 3rd largest Korean community in AmurkA.

Derek said...

@Cogknight, sure you can reach me at