Monday, February 15, 2010

A Decade Ago...

Billy a.k.a Nuthead's car sploded on the way to Scribble Jam 2000. Matt refuses to keep his shirt on.

While cleaning up the apartment the other day I came across an old photo album. Inside is a compilation of moments from my early 20's. Most of the pictures came from going to Scribble Jam in Cincinnati in 2000 and 2001. Here are a couple pics that reminded me of what it was like to have virtually no worries.

Erica and I: This was obviously before I got tattooed and grew armpit hair. I don't think I've ever seen my sister smile so big.

Billy's (Nuthead) car being towed en route to Scribble Jam 2000. You can't keep Ashland down though. We made it there, but only after Mike Hale had to rent a car.

From right to left: Mike Hale, Matt Dinsmore, Brad Douglas, Andrew (I can't remember how to spell Hognet), Billy Ennis (Nuthead) and Ryan Thompson. This was when we first got to Cincinnati and Ryan's expression pretty much sums up the journey.

Alex spinning some dude he had been e-beefing with on the Anticon message board at Scribble Jam 2001 (the last one I attended). I'm pretty sure Dose signed Alex's wife beater.

Despite our protest and the lack of an engine, Matt tries to "peel the eff out" of our backyard at our farewell party on Grace St. RVA. (Hell Block). Later that night the homeless man we let sleep in our backyard dropped this nugget on us in reference to an underage kid who got wasted and was in the process of puking on his own shoes: "He's dumb as a box of rocks...without the rocks"- Wild Bill.

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we are the youth gone wild.