Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 Cereals for Life

Let's say your cargo ship full of milk and cereal hits an iceberg...hey it happens to everyone. You have to craft a life boat out of 5 crates of cereal to float to a deserted island. The ship is taking on water and you have to make a decision...what 5 cereals are you gonna spend an indefinite amount of time with...perhaps until your sugary death.

In no particular order here are mine:

5. Honey Nut Cheerios
Simple and sweet and you never get tired of the least I don't. I could seriously eat this stuff until I went blind. Also any cereal good enough for Omar is good enough for me. *Warning the following clip includes a naked negro, firearms, drugs, and gay dudes*

4. Frosted Flakes
Theeeeeey're Great...for diabetes. I'm pretty sure I've eaten enough Frosted Flakes in my day to clear a Nebraska sized cornfield. If I'm spending my last days eating cereal, they are going to find me face down in bowl of pink soy milk.

3. Smart Start
Can't destroy your kidneys every day while you are possibly waiting on death. Every cereal addict needs a good go to "grown up" cereal. Also you never know if a sweet lady might wash up on shore with you, better to be prepared.

2. Corn Pops
Gotta have my Pops. Not Lester (pictured below), but the cereal in the big yellow box. The only cereal I have eaten an entire box of in a day...and then bought some more the following morning.

1. Trix (or if you frequent the generics on the bottom shelf Freaky Fruits)
I gotta have my artificially flavored, overly sweetened, fruit flavored cereals. Between Fruity Pebbles, Trix and Berry Kix; I'll go with the one that damn rabbit has been after for ages.

Honorable Mention: King Vitamin, Grape Nuts, Crispix and Golden Crisps.
Untouchables: Pac-Man Cereal, Anything with raisins, Honey Bunches of Farts.

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