Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Greensville: Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back.

So here we are. Back in the fields of Greensville for another fantasy football season. This year we have two new faces and some old mugs. So after week 1 let us has a look at this motley crew of dudes living through other’s achievements.

Team Jamaricana (Mckenna): Last year's champion has a decent roster, but nothing too scary.Playoffs for sure, but if Cutler doesn't perform in Chicago he is very beatable.

The Cunt Returner: Wide outs could pose problems and if Jason Campbell keeps the picks down he should have a decent year. RB's Ports and Bradshaw have to be a concern.

The Green Machine: The rookie definitely got the memo about QB's, but maybe not the one about RB's. WRs Owens and Housh are on new teams, so this machine will be hard to figure out for a couple of weeks.

BIG FACE SHANKSVILLE: Ol' Big Face might be Sad Face if his team of oldies doesn't show up. Wildcards Farve, Tomlinson will either be outstanding or awful. His defense will bail him out a few times for sure.

Chicken Hill Peckers (Me): Your’s truly once again decided to invest in QB and RB. Manning and Gore are gonna decide how far my team goes and with a little luck I’ll be in the playoff mix.

OrakPown'ed: 1st pick and wasn’t even there to choose. Doesn’t really matter though. AP and Moss are gonna be a headache for opponents, but Schaub and Collins at QB means he can be had.

Ballsacks: Matt wins the worst name competition for the fourth year in the row. A well rounded team, but Garrard at QB is a question mark. Mcnabb’s broken ribs didn’t help his situation either. Matt has to hope Megatron and Wes Welker can stay consistent enough to keep him close.

Will Reign Supreme: I hate to say it, but Dirty has the best team post draft. Rodgers and Romo could be the best QB combo by the end of the year and he has enough depth at RB to trade for better WRs. He may “beat” this year.

4th & Schlong: You can always pencil Ashton in for the playoffs, but he still needs to taste ultimate victory. Solid roster, but it’s lacking one fantasy monster. Another top tier RB or WR and this just may be the year he takes the cake.

The Muenchies: The second new face in Greensville may be in position to win both the baseball and football leagues. If he can move one of his TEs to support Brady and Orton

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