Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Friday Pot Luck

You would think a shark would have better form on a water slide.

So the final day of work this week is here and those of us working in front of computers know that the day is already lost. So might as well start off right with some highlights from the information super highway. Enjoy.

Now I'm just waiting for a bear to ride a roller coaster. (Gizmodo)

Wanderlei Silva interview. I like Rich Franklin, but Wandy is my boy. TKO 2nd round. (Cage Potato)

Ron Paul gets all up in Obama's grill. (Huff Post)

For the love of God, put Kobe Bryant in a Knick's Jersery! (2K Sports)

Take it from the fat kid, time to start eating right folks. (Food Inc.)

My dad swam into a school of jellyfish once...once. (Discovery Earth)

A lil something for my brothers and sisters in front of the monitors today.


John said...

Hey, NPR had an interview with the guy who made food, inc. this morning.

Wanderlei is toast, and Ron Paul is so much more tolerable to me when he's not talking about the economy, but man does that dude sound like he has his head in the sand. I really only think someone like that can get elected in a handful of the crazy states. If things ever stop working out for him in TX, maybe he can give MN a try?

Guido Raso said...

Ron Paul is the mayne...glad someone will stand up to Emperor Obama while he's shitting on the country....

Derek said...

I don't know John, I think Ron Paul is more sane than you are giving him credit for. Rich Franklin can win, but he doesn't handle aggressive fighters well and you know Wanderlei is bringing the heat.

John said...

I think he's just carved out this quirky populist niche and since he's the only one milking it he gets a lot of credit. I am pretty sure that the guy is mostly crazy.

Do you listen to this american life? last night they described a guy who reminds me of ron paul. sounds sane enough, and can toss around some lingo that makes some people suspect he might have a legitimate argument. then, when he takes off his hat the inside is lined with tinfoil.

back to the gold standard? abolish the federal reserve? his big foreign policy issue in that interview is cuba? seriously? i even agree with him on that but find it totally ridiculous that it's all he brings up after saying foreign policy would be the big thing.