Friday, July 25, 2008

Stay Gold

I never knew Estelle Getty, but I imagine she was an okay lady. Out of the the 3 elderly women and a power forward, she was definitely my favorite on the show. Hell, I even dressed as her for once for Halloween. It may have been impossible to make a 6 foot black man look like a 4'3 old lady, but I think I did a good job.

There were a couple of people who mistook me for Tyler Perry's character Madea, but a few fist fights brought that to an end. That was the night I also learned Estelle was actually the youngest of the Golden Girls...and the hottest (sorry Blanche).

So yeah... take her easy Estelle...take her easy all the way home.

P.S Sam Dixon if you are reading this and you have the picture of you dressed as Bee Arthur on the same night (the power forward) please help a brother out.

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Sam said...

I don't know if I still have that picture somewhere or not. I will check.