Thursday, March 13, 2008


Rap Video Recipe:

1 artist or band

$200,000.00 in fake money

175 lbs. of shiny objects

15 scantily clad women

1 nightclub. If unable to rent a nightclub simply use a city setting. If you live in the southern US simply use a backyard with a large number of cohorts dancing at a cookout, dogfight or just a rusted out Cadillac with no doors.

30 seconds to 1 minute of footage displaying the poor conditions of your living situation (where you used to live before you done came up and did it up big).


In a medium to large nightclub add and mix the artists, the women and shiny objects. Let song play for about one minute then drop the fake currency directly upon the night club.
Halfway through baking add the footage of desolate conditions including a large number of shots of the under underprivileged youth and elderly. Cut back to the nightclub scene and fade out with a solo shot of the artist.

A good recipe but the end result taste like Rick Ross' beard.

Every once in awhile I stumble across a video that just makes me think..."Damn...wish I had thought of that." which is often followed by..."Damn...wish I made music videos." and finally concluded with...."Damn...wish I had a job". Shank Nelpin of Golliblogs fame put me on to this Aesop Rock video which is just flat out cool. Grade A lyrics meet grade B horror movies...a match made in zombie heaven. Leave it to indie artists to surpass their mainstream counterparts in almost every factor. Half naked women are no substitute for imagination. Their presence is always appreciated however.

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