Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rae Day

When I was just a lil dun and "Cuban Links" dropped, I thought that ish was straigh garbage. Word Life.  Then when I got some knowledge and opened up a god's third eye and shit, thats when the truth was revealed.  Since that day, Raekwon and I connect.  Today is the Chef's birthday and a nigga cooked up sumfin marvelous in hell's kitchen for my mans.  Peep the stills of Rae in some mad comedic poses.  Whose that fool politikin' with dah chete'?  Look like my man Chuck, but he aint 5% doh.  Aight, C-Cipher rolling up in my plantation and shit, so I'm gonna seal this up with a peace to the Gods and the Earfs...Bong Bong!.

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