Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Asheville, Yall Niggas Crazy pt 2.

So the free wall down by the railroad tracks (where I spend all my free time), got re-upped as the kids like to say. Here are a few pics from the wall and some more graffiti around Chicken Hill. If I ever run into gang members, I wonder how hard they will laugh when I'm forced to tell them I'm representing Chicken Hill and then do my gangster chicken dance.

I love FOWL's characters. My love for chickens is only rivaled by my love for squids.

I hate it when someone puts their shitty tag over a great stencil. No honor among vandals I tell yah.

Thank you.

I was looking for Anthony Kiedis, but no luck. I did manage to forget about my love though.

Isn't there something in Revelations about a baby surrounded by ghost skulls?

Two possibilities: Either the worst portrait of 2 Pac or the best of Jimmy Walker.

The handlebars and wheels are dope. I wonder how he/she prevents over spray on the spokes.

Dr. Gonzo himself. I've got a few more Apathy stencils and they are all nuts.

Well that about does it for round 2. I've got a bunch more, but with moving my sports/mma takes over to a new site, I'm going to be needing some blog fodder down the road.


zen said...

love Apathy's stark work! Besides Trackside, did you head to the trestle? Excellent shots.

zen said...

oh yah and FOWL is da masta of character. Style that can't be D-nide.

Derek said...

Thanks Zen. Nah I was just walking through the area around Chicken Hill. How far is the trestle from the West Asheville bridge?

zen said...

Just follow the tracks north for bout a quarter mile where they cross the river. Cool stuff there too.