Monday, February 4, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Remember when Rap City wasn't an hour of mindless, unoriginal, narcissistic, ego-driven, one -dimensional garbage?

Unless you watched before the mid 90's probably not.

ShortLong Story: The Boondocks is one of the few shows I make a point to watch (yes, I want to work in advertising). It operates more like a scathing editorial rather than a cartoon. Imagine being beaten by brass knuckles covered in bubble wrap....that's what it feels like for me to watch The Boondocks. It's an animated version of Chris Rock's black people vs. niggers bit. An unforgiving delivery of the truth...For Us By Us.

I have white friends who watch BET more than I do and that may be only long enough to realize it's BET. I'm not going to go into my tirade about why I don't watch the network. This clip says it all perfectly

This is a clip from an episode of The Boondocks that was pulled from airing on ADULT SWIM! bastion for edgy entertainment? Thanks Turner. I can see people take bong hits, get fake feces thrown on their face, explode, and go on a shotgun rampage, but mocking BET executives is going too far? I will probably never understand the politics that went into pulling the episode, but I will always feel it would have been better for society if the episode had run. Even though this is the age of media fragmentation, one would think that someone would have tried to compete directly against BET. UPN, WB, TVOne don't count. If you can find evidence that these networks were more than syndicated programing cash cows that went flop after everyone had seen enough of Jackée...feel free to contact me. There is a growing sentiment that BET doesn't speak to black people, but rather exploits them. As a member of that movement, I simply felt that at least this clip should be seen by as many as possible.

Oooh Mary!

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