Sunday, July 8, 2007

Things I want to steal from people's lawns pt.3 (Roadtrip edition)

It shouldn't hurt to blog.

How could it all go wrong? On a recent road trip my friend Dave and I went in search of Dinosaur Kingdom. If you are unaware of Dinosaur Kingdom, you should follow this link and then be very upset that you have lived as long as you have without knowing that a place like this exists.

You'll notice near the bottom the website states that the roadside directional signs can be improved. And how! Though we were within 3 miles of Dinosaur Kingdom, we only found the headquarters for the creator of the attraction: Enchanted Castle Studios. This is where the creator of Dinosaur Kingdom keeps a lot of his old work. I'm going to break format with this running post this one time. Usually I take pictures of things I take...errr. want to take from yards I deliver pizzas to. However, when you stumble upon a graveyard full of fiberglass corpses and foam grab your camera and get to work. Though we did not reach our destination we had a good time hanging out illegally at the Enchanted Castle Studios (You forfeit your "NO TRESPASSING" sign when you leave your gate open). Also in regards to Dinosaur Kingdom let me assure you that this isn't over...I'll get there come hell or high water.

The entire time we were in this wasteland it felt like we were in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the orginal not dumb version). There were 3 run-down barns full of stuff and an office trailer. We could have sworn that cow's mooing in the distance was getting closer and closer.

And then you turn the corner and run into this. I think I saw this guy once in a Slayer video in the late 80' I just see him when I close my eyes. know those parts in horror movies where the next victim comes upon the body of someone he or she knew/just had sex with and you know within the next 15 seconds they were going to die as well? It doesn't get much more eerie than this, it's like they knew I was coming.

Some of this stuff was still in pretty good shape. The dinosaur I mean, not the crate. Although most of it is too big to take with you.

Of all the things in the world I could take from someone...this creature is high on the list. This will be in my front yard at some point in my life.

And at some points in our visit we were just asking for trouble.

Moral of the Story: When life denies you dinosaurs; trespass on someone else's property and then go to the zoo.


matthew said...

I do not know where this is because I am opting not to google it, but I suuure do wish we had been there at the exact same time...

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Chris said...

I've been there. It might be the most phenomenal place on earth.