Friday, February 9, 2007

Things I want to steal from people's lawns pt.1

As a professional pizza distributor (romanticizing the job only makes it worse), I get to see a lot of yards and lawns. Though I'm generally a moral person, I am often tempted to make what is someone else's mine. In the spirit of keeping my job I've elected to start taking pictures of things I would like to steal rather than actually acting out my fantasy.

These are two small statues in the front of a house way out in the sticks of our delivery area. Probably the last place I would have expected to find symbols of any religion outside Christianity. Though the owner of the house didn't tip me, I decided not to steal these just based on the fact that they represent a spiritual belief. However, if I don't receive a tip on my next delivery to this house, I keeps what I finds.

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